Only the research articles that meet our guidelines and which passes our strict review process will be published.

  1. Author(s) must be enrolled in high school (Grade 9 to 12)
  2. Must be student(s) original work only. Any adult involvement must only be in a mentoring capacity
  3. The research must be supervised/mentored by an adult other than a family member
  4. Must fulfill all the requirements based on the guidelines provided
  5. Solution must benefit humanity and/or the planet
  6. The research article must be written in font size 12, double-spaced lines, and the content must
    be at least 10 pages not including the title page. Avoid using fancy font styles, font colors, etc.
  7. Images submitted must have a white background

Students are allowed to submit more than one research article. But each article must be sent separately and will be treated as individual submissions. Previously reviewed and rejected articles cannot be resubmitted.

Research Article Guidelines:

Follow the guidelines carefully and ensure all sections from the guidelines are properly addressed in your research article. If any section is incomplete or missing, your research article would be rejected.

Guidelines for Whole System Design Thinking Process

Guidelines for Design Thinking Process
Reference List of Industries and Sectors

Review Fees = US$390 (non-refundable)

Review Fees must be paid in full during the time of submission.

Which Students Qualify for Fee Waiver?

Fee waivers are generally given to students who demonstrate financial need. Students are eligible for fee waiver if they are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program, have a family income that falls within the Income Eligibility Guidelines, are enrolled in a government program for low-income students, are a member of family that receives public assistance, are living in federally subsidized public housing or living in a foster home, or are homeless, a ward of the state, or an orphan.

Students seeking fee waiver, must submit one of the following proofs at the time of submission:

A) Proof from your school that you are in a school lunch program – a letter from the school administration, preferably on the letterhead, with their full contact information for verification

B) Parents or guardians shall provide income eligibility documentation in the form of income tax returns or current pay stubs demonstrating compliance with requirements that demonstrate at or below poverty guidelines


Note: You will hear from us through email. Add “publish@emerginginnovators.org” to your contact list, and check your SPAM/Junk folder before reaching us.

Acceptance of your submission will be notified by email within 2 to 4 weeks, as we need to verify eligibility before acceptance. After acceptance you will hear the review result by email in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Review Result:

  • -Passed: Research Article automatically queued for inclusion in next publication cycle
  • -Modify and Resubmit: One-time minor corrections based on reviewer comments and resubmission allowed
  • -Rejected: Research Article not eligible for resubmission