A) Proof from your school that you are in a school lunch program - a letter from the school administration, preferably on the letterhead, with their full contact information for verification.

    B) Parents or guardians shall provide income eligibility documentation in the form of income tax return or current pay stubs demonstration compliance with requirements that demonstrate at or below poverty guidelines.

    Supporting Supplementary Documentation [Optional]:
    Provide any supporting supplementary files such as videos, feedback, and any information not provided in the main research article, that would help add value to either the review process or for inclusion along with your publication to help articulate the research to the global community. 

    Review Fees: $390 per submission (non-refundable)

    Note: You will hear from us through email. Add to your contact list, and check your SPAM/Junk folder before reaching us.
    Acceptance of your submission will be notified by email within 2 to 4 weeks, as we need to verify eligibility before acceptance.
    After acceptance you will hear the review result by email in about 6 to 8 weeks.
    Review Result:
    Passed: Research Article automatically queued for inclusion in next publication cycle
    Modify and Resubmit: One-time minor corrections based on reviewer comments and resubmission allowed
    Rejected: Research Article not eligible for resubmission